David Orban: Manifesto Ibridi as an integration of US and European approach to radical technological change

David Orban is an entrepreneur, and is the CEO of Dotsub, Advisor to the Singularity University, Scientific Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation, also a Founder of the Open Government Data working group and he was the Chairman of the Board of Humanity+.

David expressed his opinion about the necessity of a better integration of US approach and European continental approach to front the complex changes of society. If in one side the US pragmatic culture has created efficient practices to select solutions in the other side there is the risk to transform pragmatic practices in a pragmatic ideology that tend to reduce complexity of reality.

The Manifesto Ibridi isn’t just a general suggestion to integrate different knowledges in a transdisciplinary “horizontal” way but also a model of constant “upright” personal and collective evolution about our approaches and visions of life and “reality”.

It isn’t just a matter of high-context and low-context cultures because often in US we can see a better social integration of different culture than in Europe, but the necessity to go beyond the traditional and implicit cultural dichotomy analytic and continental. Too philosophical?
We have always as human a philosophical vision behind our ideas, choices and behaviors the point is: how are we aware of our own prejudices and beliefs?

We need pre-judices isn’t a bad word, beliefs are cognitive and social necessary to live but we need a constant process of auto-analysis and make them explicit.